Tower House | Weatherboard Home Renovation by Austin Maynard Architects

Tower House is a weatherboard home renovation extended and designed by Austin Maynard Architects in 2014. Located in Alphington, Victoria, Australia, the house of 225m² (2,422ft²) is owned by a couple and their twin sons. Because the house consists of seven small blocks, it looks like a small village rather than a monolithic block.

According to the architects,

As homes increase in size they increasingly appear as hostile monoliths. When a home is extended, often the monolith crashes into the original. The later looking like an alien cancerous growth on the former. Tower House is anti-monolith. Tower House is village externally and a home internally. The house defies logic as the exterior appears to be a series of small structures, while internally the spaces and functions are large and connected. Like the Tardis, it’s small on the outside and large internally.

Design strategy:



Photographs by Peter Bennetts
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