Triangular Micro House by Felipe Campolina

Brazilian architect Felipe Campolina has designed a concept of a triangular micro house called HT Refuge. With a footprint of 27m² (290ft²), the two-storey cabin has a total floor area of 40m² (430ft²) but can have different configurations sizes.

For this micro-habitat we proposed a fast construction system, using prefabricated blocks associated with small sections of steel that organize the main structure like a large truss, defining a basic module with 40 m² in total. The side facade is highlighted by the structure rotated at 45 degrees from the floor in a triangular shape which also gives good stability to the building.

Apparent concrete block (AAC) was used for the lateral closures, being seated juxtaposed and then tied to the structure, creating a low cost solution but in a solid and welcoming interior and exterior environment. This constructive system proposes a mixed use of technologies using industrial processes and traditional masonry work; being a democratic way of adapting to any region / cultural situation, since prefabricated concrete blocks and steel pipes are well received in both conditions.

The basic module is flexible occupying a projection of 27 m² in the ground (3.20 x 8.45 m) and is divided into two floors connected by a ladder, executed with 3 x 3 cm steel square tubes. This basic unit can be expanded in both sides and can have different configurations sizes.

The intention with this study is create a cozy and affordable refuge for those who like a weekend city-escape, but also allows other kinds of applications, like large commercial / housing complexes in an urban scenario.

— Felipe Campolina



Photographs by Felipe Campolina
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