Floating House | Wooden Cabin by MOS Architects

MOS Architects has designed Floating House, that floats on the Canadian side of Lake Huron. Built off-site and set atop steel pontoons, this wooden cabin measures 2,200ft² (204m²).

The Floating House is part of a master plan of five proposed cabins/houses based on the repetition of a standardized vernacular archetype. The interior layouts have a hollowed, open, no-frills symmetrical organization, while the exterior utilizes an inventive cedar plank rainscreen for the walls and roof. The rainscreen provides air movement between interior and exterior, dissipating any heat gain and eliminating the need for air conditioning. An exterior path cuts through the house and stitches together the two sides of the U-shaped island.

— MOS Architects

Drawings, Models and Process of Construction:


Photographs by Florian Holzherr, Raimund Koch
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