A White House, A Growing Home by RIGI Design

RIGI Design has remodelled three-storey house in Shanghai, China, originally built in 1947. Called “A White House, A Growing Home”, the home is furnished with adaptable modular furniture and has a total floor area of 240m² (2,583ft²).

The original architecture was completed in 1947, which consists of 3 floors, 5.5 meters in width, and about 15.2 meters in depth. It faces south and has entrances in both sides. Due to the complicated compartments and deep depth, the overall indoor lighting was bad. As it was built long time ago, part of the building structure need to be repaired, we also reinforced the whole architecture, and unified the height of the entire building. The staircase in the northern side was torn down, Skylight and staircase are designed to be the center of the architecture, reshaping the whole logic and form of this 3-story building. Punched holes,the steel stairs can bring in light, The stairs go upward around the natural light patio from the 1st floor, extending the whole house vertically around the light.

— RIGI Design

Drawings and Models:


Photographs by Tian Fangfang
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