Summer Houses in Slavik by Fahlander Arkitekter

Situated between two Fjords, in Lysekil, Sweden, these two summer houses were designed by Fahlander Arkitekter in 2011. Owners of the property are a large family, many generations of which have spent their summers here. Area of the houses is 90 m² + 28 m² (969 ft² + 301 ft²).

The house on one of the highets points in thea area was designed for one of the sons in a large family, his part of the families own household and a place for guesting friends. The other, smaller house was built for his parents. Together wit the existing house tthey form a group facing west and the sea.

The ground was left untouched so the houses floats above the rocks. Also above the rocks is it possible to walk around the houses on outdoor bridges and platforms, hanged from the facade. The contrast between the sometimes rough climate and the easy summerlife was the guide to the design of the buildings. A construction of timber is covered with nearly maintenance free materials. Painted parts are white according to the tradition of the coast.

The rounded roofs got their form from the surrounding rocks. The geometry of the plans is simple; one front room closest to the ocean for cooking, eating and relation with people and a rear section for bedrooms and entrance hall. Large glasspanels can be slided to the side so that all rooms can be open towards the outer bridge.

— Fahlander Arkitekter



Photographs by Åke E:son Lindman/Otto
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