Forest House | Complex of Nine One-Room Cabins by Envelope A+D

Hidden in the forests of Northern California, Forest House is a complex of nine one-room cabins organised within four clusters. Consisting of three sleeping quarters and a shared living-dining area, the Forest House serves as a retreat for a family with three children. Connected by a network of wood paths, the black-stained tent cabins were designed by Envelope A+D in 2015.

The tented roofs and walls allow a connection with the natural setting—its sounds and changing seasons—while large clear and mirrored-bronze glass windows frame views of the landscape and neighboring “rooms.” Wood-framed walls and floors lend warmth and support the comforts of modern living, deep within the forest.

Here, the forest and house are one with indoor and outdoor rooms suspended between the treetops and canopy floor.

— Envelope A+D



Photographs by Richard Barnes
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