Fireworks in White by Fala Atelier

Fireworks in White is a space on the ground floor renovated by Fala Atelier in 2020. Located in Porto, Portugal, the project encompasses 108m² (1,163ft²).

The uneven space on the ground floor is bothered by many kinks, twists, occasional beams and columns. The project is a familiar exercise of fitting in ambiguous programs, correcting mistakes and introducing an insistent order. Almost pure interior, the space is an elaborate composition of fearless geometries. Three fluid walls are framed between a dotted marble floor and a white wavy ceiling. Proud doors suggest possible rooms and occasional mirrors simulate the missing windows. Curtains, doors, columns and cabinets complete the spatial parade that can be used as a house. Mischievous surfaces, punctual elements and patterns are splashed inside a complex white perimeter. A grand entry and a sly glass brick window become a plinth of an ugly duckling, finishing the timid yet intricate composition of the entire building.

— Fala Atelier



Photographs by Fala Atelier
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