Sinegal Estate Winery by Signum Architecture

Located in Saint Helena, California, United States, Sinegal Estate is home to an exceptional grape growing tradition dating to 1881. Based in Napa Valley Wine Country, architectural firm Signum Architecture redesigned Sinegal Estate Winery for the new owners in 2016.

This magnificent Inglewood Estate is an oasis of nature and wildlife and also home to an exceptional grape growing tradition dating to 1881. The new owners wanted to both respect the historical winery and introduce a fresh energy and the modern efficiency of new technology and enlightened spatial organization.

To address these interests, utilities and other support functions are placed behind the building and out of sight in order to keep the original winery footprint. The original front, ivy-covered façade remains unchanged, except for the addition of a contemporary, metal louvered trellis above the original entrance, now opening to the fermentation room. The same trellis system shades the new side tasting terrace, arcing up from the pergola and onto the wall behind it where it screens a large window on the second floor.

— Signum Architecture


Photographs by Aubrie Pick
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