Family House Renovation by Ruetemple

Located in the suburbs of Moscow, Russia this two-storey house renovation was designed by Ruetemple in 2017. The house belongs to a young family and measures 160m² (1722 ft²).

We took up the project, when the site consisted of just an external frame without internal walls, and we could still influence the architecture and create a quality living space.
We dismantled part of the beams between the floors and totally changed the layout designed within the framework of the developer’s standard project.

The family spends most of its time together in a common area, therefore we decided to arrange small bedrooms on the second floor, while making the first floor open and spacious in all three coordinates, including the height of the premises.

The space of the two floors is formed around a white structure including a staircase to the second floor. Under the staircase there’s a children’s area. A lounge area is located above the staircase.

— Ruetemple



Photographs by Ruetemple
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