House T | House by the Sea by META-Project

House T is a house by the sea, designed by META-Project in 2018. Located in Qinhuangdao, China, the house has a total floor area of 328m² (3,531ft²).

The existing on-site structure was reclaimed and altered to allow an open-plan for more living spaces. In a sustainable way, we re-create a new spatial experience that flows “through” the building.

The north façade is reconfigured with two volumes interlocking together: a thickened white T-shape cast-in-concrete wall sitting on a dark layered rock plinth. Local craftsmanship was adapted to realize the façade.

The House T is intended to create a series of dynamic spaces that defined by the spectrum of natural environment and communal life which characterizes the wonderful setting of the site.

— META-Project



Photographs by Song Yu Ming, Hiromatsu Misae / Ruijing Photography
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