Gravitational Indifference by Ruptura Morlaca Arquitectura

Ruptura Morlaca Arquitectura has designed a house called Gravitational Indifference. Situated on a sloping site in Cuenca, Ecuador, the 200-sqm (2,153-sqft) house was completed in 2017.

Working with the natural slope of the site allows observing the architecture like a landscape and to buildings like its mountains, we generate a artificial territory a landscape within another that rises to move between treetops building geography rather than architecture.

This artificial geography allows social areas to approach the trees enjoying the visual, the wind and the shadows of the morning as well they are also supported by private mass areas that avoid direct solar radiation in the afternoon and retain heat for cold of the night, all these spaces in platforms and gardens are unified in a promenade that follows the silhouette of the topography circulating in a place of shadows, exposing you to the height of the trees and disconnecting you from a domestic scale; finishing its journey in a plain that you about to touch the treetops away from the daily allowing contemplate the natural cycle and find themselves, resulting in stones and plants.

— Ruptura Morlaca Arquitectura



Photographs by Ruptura Morlaca
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