Hofer Pavilion by Stal Collectief

Stal Collectief designed Hofer Pavilion in 2016. Located in Maaseik, Belgium, the dwelling looking like a small barn encompasses 28m² (301ft²).

The Hofer pavilion is an experimental shelter for which we chose to use the archetypical shape of a house with a gable roof. Three out of the four walls and the roof can be moved to transform the interior into an outdoor livingspace. Ten pillars were used to support the structure and to create a slight elevation towards its surroundings.

As a result the pavilion offers different perspectives on the rural scenery. The outside is clad with wood according to the japanese way shou sugi ban. The fixed structure such as the floor and the entrance are finished with sheet metal. This temporary dwelling can be used during all seasons and for multiple purpuses.

—  Stal Collectief



Photographs by Bob Segers
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