Fogo Island Inn by Saunders Architecture

Saunders Architecture has designed a five-star inn for the Shorefast Foundation on Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada. Completed in 2013, the 29 room Fogo Inn has an area of 4,000m² (43,056ft²).

Using wood as the main material, Saunders designed the 29 room Fogo Inn as a means towards the island’s economic and cultural survival, but also as a timeless piece of architecture, which would be ‘made just for Fogo’. The Inn includes a restaurant, directed by one of Canada’s best chefs, together with a lobby, a library, a small movie theatre and an independent art gallery on the ground floor; four floors of rooms above ground level; and a sauna and spa facility on the top of the building.

— Saunders Architecture



Photographs by Iwan Baan, Alex Fradkin, Bent René Synnevåg
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