House SM at Calafquén Lake by Claro + Westendarp arquitectos

Chilean studio Claro + Westendarp arquitectos has designed House SM at Calafquén Lake. The house completed in 2017 has a total floor area of 260m² (2,799ft²).

The volume takes a turn in a V-shape, in a gesture that places the volume very organically on the ground and accentuating it’s virtues. The building is accessed from below, where the secondary enclosures are, through a very light and transparent staircase until it reaches the second floor where the views are highlighted in a double height space, also featuring the beam structure of the house.

The interior space is simple, open, and always accentuating the external geographic duality, leaving the most public spaces towards the south east and the bedrooms towards the northeast. The terrace deck enclosures the spaces and gives movement to a rather straight volume, allowing the spatial experience from the outside. The materiality of the construction is in wood with a dark impregnant that resembles the color of the tree trunks of the area, resulting in perfect harmony with the place that finally, is the main protagonist of the project.

— Claro + Westendarp arquitectos

Drawings and Models:


Photographs by Francisco Boetsch
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