The Kinii Ski Lodge by Obicua

Italian firm Obicua designed The Kinii Ski Lodge in 2019. Built 3,000 meters (9,840 feet) above sea level at Powder Mountain, near Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, this private luxury ski lodge measures 550m² (5,920ft²).

The Ski-Lodge “The Kinii” (“the nest of the falcon” if translated from the ancient native language) represents a perfect exemplification of the philosophy and vision carried on by OBICUA, as it reinterprets the concept of mountain hut in a contemporary key and eco-friendly. The project is located at almost 3,000 meters above sea level, exactly at Powder Mountain, from which it is possible to see – thanks to a 360 ° panoramic view – as many as 3 American states.

Entering the meanders of the house, it is divided into two main blocks: one for guests and children while the other side is for the exclusive use of the owners. In this case the OBICUA architects conceived the structure with the aim of differentiating the areas that make up the house, but connecting the whole building: the two sections that divide the building are connected by a triple living space that is placed across the south façade, vertically joining the living rooms with the sleeping area located on the upper floor by means of a double-height compartment in which the open staircase is housed. The materials used for the construction of the complex, meticulously selected always respecting the environmental logics, are: for the interiors, American red cedar wood, while for external cladding, burnished metal.

— Obicua



Photographs by Luigi Filetici
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