Villa S | Dark Modern Home by Saunders Architecture

Located in Tveiterås Garden City, south of Bergen city centre, Norway Villa S was self-designed by Architect Todd Saunders as a home for his family in 2014. This dark modern home of 350 m² (3 767 ft²) feels utterly integrated into the site, just like its 80-year-old neighbours.

“Form-wise, it’s not the most spectacular house I’ve done,” says Saunders, “but it’s the most interesting thing for this climate.” That is to say, the house is robust but graceful. Covered terraces, and porches abound. “It’s like an umbrella – it protects you from the rain.” Bergen is certainly damp – it rains 250 days a year – although our visit takes place in sparkling sunshine, lending Technicolor surrealism to the elevated living spaces, their huge windows framing views of both the distant harbour city and the steep, rocky hillside. “It’s quite rectilinear,” says Saunders. “The houses here are not showing off and it had to be a good neighbour – it was what felt right in terms of scale and materiality.”

— Saunders Architecture

Plans and model of the house:


Photographs by Bent René Synnevåg
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