Mermaid Beach Residence by B.E Architecture

B.E Architecture has designed Mermaid Beach Residence. Located on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, the 500-sqm (5,382-sqft) house was completed in 2019.

The Mermaid Beach Residence is a dialogue between architecture and the intrinsic human desire and emotional need for permanence, or in other words; to put down roots. In contrast, the home is situated atop a beach which is impermanent, a place of both erosion and movement.

The locality of Mermaid Beach often has to contend with cyclonic winds and thunderstorms, as well as harsh, penetrating sunlight. These environmental factors meant that the architecture had to speak to these fundamental considerations by providing both privacy for the residents, and protection from the often volatile weather conditions. At the same time, the clients wanted a relaxed, open, sun-drenched family home which opened directly onto the beach. Poured in-situ concrete was used as the primary building material giving the house a sense of solidarity and protection from the elements, while operable timber panels punctuate the facade and offer privacy from the thoroughfare of the beach.

— B.E Architecture



Photographs by Andy McPherson
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