Scandinavian-Style Cabins | Prefab Cabins by Koto

Founded by husband and wife duo Johnathon Little and Zoe Little, Koto, that meaning ‘cosy at home’ in Finnish, is a new UK–based company developing prefab cabins. Since January 2018 they create sustainable Scandinavian-style cabins and modular homes. Koto cabins can range from a 161-square-foot (15-square-metre) studio to a 430-square-foot (40-square-metre), two-bedroom home.

We believe in both the ethos of Scandinavian design and in their way of living. Taking quality time in nature with friends and family is one of life’s great luxuries. We founded Koto to create the opportunity to escape to nature in the comfort of a small and beautiful building.

— Koto


Photographs by Joe Laverty
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