Manshausen | Glass and Timber Cabins by Stinessen Arkitektur

Manshausen is a resort of four glass and timber cabins, set overhang the coastline of Norway’s Manshausen Island. Designed by Stinessen Arkitektur in 2015, their main feature is a floating glass facade that offers panoramic views of the sea.

You can book the sea cabins here for from $70 to $280 per day.

The cabins are designed to offer their guests shelter and comfort while at the same time underlining the dramatic experience of the elements outside; the sea, landscape, changing lights, weather and different seasons. Above all the cabins endeavour to fulfill the functional requirements of the guests, with ample space for luggage and clothing/equipment, a comfortable bathroom and a kitchen/dining area. The cabins accommodate two to four people, or a family of five. The main bed is positioned in the main room, slightly withdrawn from the floor to ceiling glasses, to enable the visitor an around the clock experience of the outside elements, while still being comfortably sheltered.

— Stinessen Arkitektur



Photographs by Steve King, Siggen Stinessen
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