Multi Unit House Riedholz by Tormen Architekten AG

Tormen Architekten AG designed Multi Unit House Riedholz in 2019. Located in on a sloping hillside in Canton of Solothurn, Switzerland, the 1,237-sqm (13,315-sqft) apartment building consists of four maisonette condominiums accessed through the main staircase at the center of the building.

With the main volume and routing determined, every apartment presented a unique floorplan. In each, the private rooms are separated from the collective ones by placing them on different floors. The lower apartments have the collective spaces on the ground floor with access to their respective gardens while the upper apartments are mirrored to provide access to spacious terraces on the top floor. With the gardens and terraces all facing southwest each apartment has a panoramic view of the Swiss Alps.

— Tormen Architekten AG



Photographs by Mark Drotsky Architekturfotografie
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