Deventer House | Concrete House by Studio MAKS

Deventer House is a 100-sqm concrete house, designed by Studio MAKS. Located in an old industrial harbour area of Deventer, the Netherlands, the home, owned by two young people, was completed in 2015.

The client has many dreams and wishes, but the amount of m2 they can build is limited. We propose a house which is sturdy and solid on the outside, yet open and bright on the inside. A house that utilizes every single cm2 of its open spaces as well as its solid ones, such as walls and floors. The result is a house where there are clear-cut open spaces surrounded by an activated building mass containing built-in functions such as wardrobes, a toilet, stairs, seating areas and niches. Openings connecting these spaces horizontally and vertically give this compact house a sense of spaciousness.

— Studio MAKS



Photographs by Christian van der Kooy
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