Coorparoo House by Alexandra Buchanan Architecture

Built on a sloping site, Coorparoo House is a 366-sqm (3,940-sqft) home, that comprises a series of double and triple height volumes. Located in Brisbane CBD, Queensland, Australia, the house was designed by Alexandra Buchanan Architecture (ABA) in 2017.

The house embraces Brisbane’s subtropical climate with terraced living spaces clustered around a ground level courtyard. Sliding glass walls establish a seamless transition between the house and garden. Striking a balance between independence and togetherness, rooms are designed to respect both adult and teenage domains with flexibility built-in to ensure the house will continue to serve the family for the next generation. Stepped floor levels and three separate bedroom zones create spatial complexity and a subtle separation that promotes household peace and harmony.

A stone fireplace, a timber & steel staircase and custom timber joinery are some of the details employed to bring a sense of material richness to the interior. The interplay of double and triple height volumes creates generous room proportions with full height openings promoting a feeling of infinite space.

— Alexandra Buchanan Architecture



Photographs by Jessie & Jones
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