Maison Mentana by EM architecture

Maison Mentana is a 1900’s property transformed by EM architecture in 2015 into a contemporary single-family home, with a small rear addition. Located in Montreal, Canada, the transformed house has a total floor area of 288m² (3,100ft²).

The existing two-storey building was half abandoned and in need of major renovations. After completely gutting the interior space, the structure was modified to remove all interior walls as well as the back wall.

The layout is articulated around a new central opening, 6’ wide and extending the full width of the house crowned by a linear skylight also the full 45’ width, which provides ample natural light to the central spaces. A palette of light colors and the omnipresence of wood contribute to the brightness and warmth of the space. Upstairs, the opening separates the children’s area from the parents’ bedroom.

An addition at the rear provides access to the basement and delineates a private outdoor terrace. The wood volume above the dining room extends upstairs and overhangs to the outside set in contrast with the concrete board cladding of the addition. The front façade was restored to its original character with new brickwork, balconies and cornice.

— EM architecture



Photographs by Adrien Williams
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