Redfern Warehouse by Ian Moore Architects

Redfern Warehouse is a former warehouse transformed by Ian Moore Architects into a four-bedroom home with self-contained guest accommodation, a home office used as an equine genetics laboratory, and a large garage space to store a collection of classic sports cars. Located in Sydney, Australia, the project completed in 2018 has a total floor area of 756m² (8,138ft²).

This adaptive reuse of a former warehouse has maintained the exterior almost untouched, with only a few new windows inserted into existing openings. This soft touch has been extended to the interior, where original brick walls have been exposed and the large timber roof trusses highlighted as the starting point for the conversion to a family home.

There was a strong emphasis on maintaining an industrial feel to the conversion and the owners asked that there be no timber, marble or black finishes used in the renovation.

The upper level is divided on strict alignment with the existing trusses with the bottom chord of the trusses used as a horizontal datum, with all solid walls stopping at this level and clear glazing installed above to enclose the cellular spaces, while allowing visual continuity of the trusses and ceiling throughout the space.

— Ian Moore Architects



Photographs by Rory Gardiner
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