Penthouse 2L by La Errería * architecture office

La Errería * architecture office designed Penthouse 2L in 2016. Located in Novelda, Spain, the apartment has a total floor area of 61m² (657ft²).

This penthouse wants to recreate a pleasant, special space. A space of enjoyment but, at the same time, versatile and flexible. A small break in the heights. Therefore, it has been organized in a diaphanous way, allowing our clients to organize and take advantage of it according to their needs. And open to the outside world.

It has been conceived by emphasizing every detail to put into value the virtues of the environment. The views of the main mountains of the place, the relationship with the nearby pinewood or, simply, rise above the ‘noise’ to enjoy what we have beyond and, sometimes, we can not see.

Let’s get up, enjoy and live what surrounds us.

— La Errería



Photographs by David Frutos
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