White Bricks | Blue Wall Apartment by EN Studio

White Bricks | Blue Wall apartment is a five-room 120 sqm (1292 sqft) apartment located in Rosh Haayin, Israel. It was designed for a charming family by EN Studio in 2017.

We decided to strengthen the lengthwise moment of the apartment by painting a central wall with a unified shade of color to create a connection between all the living spaces. And to bring color to material – a brick wall painted whited brought together a pleasant contrast and added texture to the apartment. Along the width – we added natural oak elements with a gentle white colored framing. To create separation between the kitchen and entrance we included a hanging bar element (an old dream of the owners). The living space now allows for diverse conditions and situations to occur – privacy and intimacy on the one hand, while also being a place for hosting and social interaction, on the other.

— EN Studio




Photographs by Yoav Peled
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