GVLE Apartment by Archetonic

GVLE is an apartment, designed by Archetonic in 2017. Located in Mexico City, the apartment measures 470m² (5,059ft²).

In its distribution, the spaces are conceived creatingthe kitchen area as the main space that opens completely to the rest of the apartment thanks to sliding wooden doors that glide with apparent weightlessness, according to the need for privacy. Around it, the rest of the program appears between continuous planes andwood wainscotingthat give rhythm and flexibility to the spaces and,at the same time,they generate interestingand playfullighteffects showing thepassage of time.

We studied the versatility of the spaces to generate different spatial compositions in which the materials, in their contrast and overlap, bring warmth and life to each space, becoming more extroverted or privateandpassing unnoticed from the most public areas of the apartment.

— Archetonic


Photographs by Rafaél Gamo, Aldo Moreno
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