Apartment in Lisbon by BALA atelier

lofBALA atelier has rehabilitated an apartment in Lisbon, Portugal. Situated in the attic of a building dating 1906, the 90-sqm (969-sqft) apartment was renovated in 2020.

By intervening on a roof space, more specifically in the attic of a building dating from 1906, in the 21st century, a dialogue is established between the different times and ways of living, but also between the respective construction methods that should coexist harmoniously.

Thus, in the genesis of the rehabilitation intervention of this 90 sqm apartment, in addition to reverse the weak pre- existing living conditions, the preservation of the historical legacy of this constructive typology was also pursued, conserving the elements considered to be relevant to the characteristics of that time period.

Examples of this are the stonework, the irregular stone masonry wall, the wooden beams and pillars of the roof, which are revealed and become a memory of the original construction system. A rigorous approach is established with a special focus on detail, choosing the pine wood as the primary material, valuing the harmony and compatibility between this material and the others selected.

— BALA atelier

The Photographer’s Website: Ivo Tavares Studio.


Photographs by Ivo Tavares Studio
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