NA HOUSE by Architect Oshir Asaban

Architect Oshir Asaban has redesigned an apartment in an old building from the 70s. Located in Ramat Gan, Israel, the property of 150m² (1,615ft²) was completed in 2016.

The interior of the apartment was completely destroyed and the space has been redesigned in accordance with a program tailored to the needs of the new tenants. The program has been translated into a plan with entrance lobby, splitting in too, on one side is the public space of the apartment, and on the other side the private rooms. The private rooms include two large bedrooms, a family room with a desk and TV and 2 bathrooms. Public space is filled with natural daylight and is surrounded by large windows, through which you can sense the greenery around.

— Architect Oshir Asaban



Photographs by Gidon Levin
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