Pumphouse Point by Cumulus Studio



Pumphouse Point is a wilderness retreat comprised of two Art Deco-inspired buildings (The Pumphouse and The Shorehouse), originally constructed as a part of a hydro-electric system in 1940. Located on Lake St Clair, in Tasmania, Australia, the buildings were transformed into a comfortable hotel by Cumulus Studio in 2014. Visit Pumphouse Point to book your stay.

Originally constructed as part of the Hydro Electric scheme, the facility on Lake St Clair in the Tasmanian Central Highlands was built to pump water from Lake St Clair to the adjacent St Clair Lagoon to feed the Tarraleah Power Station. However this use was never realised and after half a century the pump house was decommissioned and subsequently remained unoccupied for twenty further years.

It wasn’t until 100 years after the establishment of the Hydro Electric Commission that the now heritage-listed art deco buildings of the industrial facility finally whirred to life, not as a pump house but as a unique accommodation experience suspended over the pristine lake.

— Cumulus Studio



Photographs by Stuart Gibson, Adam Gibson, Sharyn Cairns
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