Life After Madrid – Refurbishment of a Small Apartment by Arhitektura d.o.o.

Life After Madrid is a refurbishment of a small apartment in one of the skyscrapers that Slovenian modernist architect Edvard Ravnikar built in the 1960s. Designed by Arhitektura d.o.o., the small 51-sqm (549-sqft) apartment in Ljubljana, was finished in 2017.

The authors, wanted to preserve and restore the spirit of Ravnikar’s modernist design and fuse it with their experience of living and working in Madrid. La Movida Madrileña, the legendary Madrid countercultural movement, influenced the design of the relaxed, partly even hedonistic, placement of furniture within the strict, rationalistic design of the flat.

Our goal was to preserve the basic floor plan of this 50 m2 flat, which connects the central meeting space with other living spaces – the kitchen, the bedroom and the study At the same time, we wanted to move all the service and utilitarian elements – such as the water heater, washing machine, and wardrobe – to the narrow space dividing the flat into two halves – the public and the private. The service space relieves the living quarters of additional storage surfaces, thus creating open and light ambients.

— Arhitektura d.o.o.



Photographs by Miran Kambič
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