Les Marais – The Wetlands by Alain Carle Architecte

Alain Carle Architecte has designed a lakeside property called Les Marais (English: The Wetlands). Located in Wentworth-Nord, Canada, the residence comprises three black-painted houses that measure 6,505ft² (604m²).

The layout is geometrically designed so as to circumscribe two of the landscape components that characterize the wetland nature of this lakeside property. Two wetlands are preserved and form the collective landscape of the built complex, relegating the lake to a truly public structure. A large “plate” of black wood links the three structures to establish a common base, a sort of carpet for people in an environment otherwise left in its raw state. Large cutouts are then made in each “shape”, also of black painted wood, to reveal the interior materiality of the red cedar buildings. The exterior spaces thus created offer transitions between the landscape and the construction boundary.

— Alain Carle Architecte



Photographs by Adrien Williams
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