Valley Villa by Arches

Valley Villa a project designed by Arches in 2016. Located in Vilnius, Lithuania, the house measures 415m² (4,467ft²).

The object is located in the sunny part of the slope next to the outskirts. It is designed in the former farmsteda place. Existing slope and all valuable trees in the site are preserved. The idea of the building is to ,,hang“ it over the valley and open it to the valley by continues windows. The ground floor is partly hidden in the slope. Due to black shale finish the ground floor disappears in otskirt shadow. Only the first floor volume, finshe wit natural wood, is exibited . Laconic, sculptural form of volumes interprets the silhouette of traditional sloped house. Divided volume, varying forms forms, humane proportions, glass and wood harmony creates the impression of lightness. Interior spaces follows forms of the volume. Integral natural wood finish of the facades and roof creates impression of form solidity. The volume with its materials and coloring flourishes in forest and valley background. By dividing the volume, micro-spaces – courtyards are created. This is the building in nature. Therefore all main interior spaces have entrances into exterior spaces- courtyards. Courtyards are arranged in different levels, creating sensation of wholeness and privacy, enables to enjoy both morning and evening sun. The hanging volume of the first floor naturally creates the terrace. Windows of the ground floor are partly covered with the vertical wooden lamelles, they serve as protection from overheat and becomes a part of the interior. Suroundings are planted with grass, the path to the enrance is of granite tiles in order to minimize the intervention to the nature. The plot is surounded with the open work fence.

— Arches

Models and Drawings:


Photographs by Norbert Tukaj
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