NOIE – Cooperative House by YUUA Architects & Associates

This 796,0 square-meters cooperative house with eleven dwelling units located in the suburb of western Tokyo was designed in 2012 by YUUA Architects & Associates.

NOIE is composed of town-house style buildings that surround the alley where residents can drive their cars. The layout is complex and houses are connected to each other which resemble the machiya style. Steel sash is used for the opening of the building that faces the alley, providing the flexibility on composition of the floor level. Through this design, the unique composition of each houses directly appear in the façade and shapes the townscape. Inadvertent aggregation of the uniqueness and characteristic of residents and their lifestyle realized by flexible designing is what creates the rich and colorful townscape of NOIE.

— YUUA Architects & Associates



Photographs by SOBAJIMA Toshihiro
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