Wood and Iron Apartment by Luca Compri (LCArchitetti)



Architecture studio Luca Compri (LCArchitetti) has remodeled a 120-sqm (1,292-sqft) apartment built in the ’60s. Located in Varese, Italy, the property called Wood and Iron Apartment was completed in 2013.

The old partition walls and the long corridor have been demolished to give place to three big boxes inside the apartment; the new volumes, which contain the two bathrooms, the kitchen and the walk-in-closet, enlarge the space and define the rooms, leaving freedom of movement across the space and new perspectives.

In this manner everyday it’s possible to live the house in a different way, taking advantage of natural ventilation and light, as much as possible.

— LCArchitetti

Drawings “Before” and “After”:


Photographs by Simone Bossi- Varese-Mendrisio, Marco Reggi
Visit site Luca Compri (LCArchitetti)

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