Cabin Residences – A Cabin-Style Condo Model Suite by Mason Studio

Cabin Residences are 25 two-storey cabin-style condos currently under construction at 45 Dovercourt Road, Toronto. Built in the tiered, modular-looking building, designed by RAW Design, each residence will have a terrace or garden space. Inspired by vernacular Northern Ontario cottages, the interior of the cabin-style condo model suite was designed by Mason Studio in 2016.

A residential model suite for Toronto-based boutique developer, Curated Properties, focuses on bringing the appeal of a cabin getaway into the heart of the city. The suite interior takes inspiration from vernacular Northern Ontario cottage residences and creates a contemporary translation through refinement of materiality and detailing to reflect the urban condition. The use of locally sourced materials in combination with furniture, artwork and accessories by Canadian craftspeople creates an interior environment that is direct reflection of the current Canadian design context.

— Mason Studio

Renderings of the building:


Photographs by Scott Norsworthy and Naomi Finlay
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