Vinken House by Poot architectuur

Poot architectuur has designed Vinken House. Located in Boechout, Belgium, this modest house has a total floor area of 220m² (2,368ft²).

More compact living is necessary. Including in the suburbs. A plot on which there used to be a single-family house is divided into 2 plots. Within the austere constraints of the municipality’s regulations, we strive to create architecture that is modest and blends in with its surroundings, but nevertheless stands out from the crowd. The design became a challenge to knead the norms and interpret them as broadly as possible. We don’t colour within the lines but on the lines. A dormer is placed on the edge giving the impression of a turret. The facade is erected in a white stone with a red joint. The chimney-shape is used to provide a skylight. Because of the orientation, the living space is designed as a sun through. At the frontside the kitchen is placed with a “porch”.

— Poot architectuur



Photographs by Pieter Frans Gerda Geerts
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