The Triangle | Backyard Study Extension

The Triangle is a triangular extension for a Victorian house in Hackney, East London, the UK designed by Yellow Cloud Studio in 2017. The owners of the main house, and now 25-square-metre (270-square-feet) backyard study extension, work from home but lacked a dedicated office space for their up-coming startup company. They decided to extend their double-Victorian house into their backyard, which had been left unused until now.

Our proposal positions a very simple, wooden triangle (hosting the study) in the middle of the backyard, which distances itself from the existing house by way of a generous, glazed passage, and generates an elongated glass wedge towards the west, in order to take advantage of the only source of direct sunlight not blocked by any neighbouring buildings.

The glazed passage provides a luminous access to the study space, while offering area for a large book shelf and a cosy reading corner. The study itself is largely open-plan, allowing for numerous configurations, though always providing ample space for a large desk and a meeting table. It is flanked by the light-giving glass wedge, which concludes into a large, glazed door towards the point of the yard, and the only exterior, green space.

— Yellow Cloud Studio


Photographs by Alex Forsey Photography
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