House at Mill Creek by Pedevilla Architects

Designed by Pedevilla Architects in 2014, House at Mill Creek is a single-family home that presents itself with the elegance and serenity of a small mansion. Situated on approximately 2,828 feet (862 meters) above sea level, in Mühlen in Taufers, Italy, the house has a living area of 155m² (1,668ft²) and an additional area of 72m² (775ft²).

The rising silhouette of the roof gives a slight impression of the upward striving space sequence on the inside. Square shaped window openings in different sizes are referring every now and then to significant spots in the surrounding alpine landscape. The vertical facade descends sheer homogenous into the deep and slightly slanting embrasures of the window openings or even into the rooftop. All windowsills and the canopy, which were conducted in exposed concrete, but also the handcrafted roof tiles, were made from the same compound as the plaster and provide its direct context.

— Pedevilla Architects



Photographs by Gustav Willeit
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