The Sea Ranch Cabin by Framestudio

The Sea Ranch Cabin is a cabin of a series of Demonstration Homes built by American architect Joseph Esherick in 1968, as a model for low-cost holiday housing. Restored by Framestudio in mid-2017 the cabin is sited in lush redwoods forest of The Sea Ranch, California, United States. The total floor area of the Sea Ranch Cabin is approximately 683ft² (63m²).

Framestudio’s team recognized the cabin’s historic importance, and sought to balance preserving the historic fabric, while making alterations and updates to meet the functional needs of the new owners.

New interventions were designed for function, intentionally contrasting with the original interiors, while keeping in the spirit of the original materials. We specified that missing architectural elements were to be recreated from old wood found on a site visit.

A partition that folds into the wall when not in use was added to give much needed privacy between the bedrooms, while respecting the original architecture.

​Cladding, roofing and windows were replaced along with updated electrical and climate systems which incorporate smart home technology that allowing the home to be remotely prepared for the owner’s arrival.

— Framestudio



Photographs by Jesse Boomer, Drew Kelly, and Joe Fletcher
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