The Screen by DMOA Architects

The Screen is a narrow, long, and tall house of 440m² (4,736ft²), in Bierbeek, Belgium, built on the plot situated next to a truckers company. DMOA architects have designed the house so that it acts as a screen to cover up the unsightly, noisy neighbour on the right.

There is a limited number of materials. Non-plastered walls in planked concrete were the starting point. Wood veneer with similar texture and colour matches harmoniously. The white cast floor and white plastered ceiling let the concrete and veneer emerge even stronger. The kitchen complements this palette with a locally cast concrete countertop and white artificial stone cabinets. In the bedrooms, the atmosphere is warmed by wood parquet flooring.The mood in the house is serene, pure and focused on the tranquillity of the countryside. Vast, gently sloping fields, some trees, a lonely house. You can stare for hours. A nice place to come home to after a busy day filled with impulses.

— DMOA architects



Photographs by Luc Roymans
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