The Bands by Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO)

The Scarcity and Creativity Studio (SCS), a design and build studio within the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), developed The Bands in 2015. Located in Kleivan, Vestvagoy Municipality, Lofoten, Norway, the 90-sqm (969-sqft) project consists of a 15-sqm (161-sqft) sauna building and terrace.

The site is on a quay containing three existing buildings: a fisherman’s cottage, a cod liver oil production building, and a cod salting building all of which were part of a now abandoned fishing village. These buildings date back to the early 1900s and are protected as they are the remains of a form of life prevalent in this region which has ceased to exist.

The three existing buildings will be renovated as to provide the accommodation for the Art and Culture Production Centre. The task of the studio was to provide plans for the renovation of the three existing buildings and to design and build the exterior facilities and a new sauna (The Bands).

— The Scarcity and Creativity Studio



Photographs by Jonas Aarre Sommarset
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