Water Villas in the Harbour in Leiden by Render Art

Architectural visuals atelier Render Art has created an architectural portrait for Water Villas in the Harbour in Leiden, as part of a competition of the Dutch architecture firm Groosman. Completed in June 2018, the project took second place.

The project integrates a few aspects:

Living with quality of life — The Water Villas were designed not only in an interesting, eye-catching way but aswell taking into account a friendly and functional layer of integrating the user needs, giving them the high-quality living.

Nature, biodiversity — The water compensation was achieved by catching up the water in the planning area and creating an inland port. Many green and natural shores ensure the desired biodiversity.

Process, planning, participation — The planning process was using the participation in order to create the high-quality private and public spaces.

— Render Art


Photographs by Render Art
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