Pump House – Lakeside Cabin by Branch Studio

Pump House is an off-grid lakeside cabin in rural Victoria, Australia. The wooden cabin, clad in black panels of corrugated iron, was designed by Branch Studio Architects in 2012. Measuring 62m² (667ft²), Pump House has an open-plan living room, bedroom, kitchen with a wood-burning stove, and bathroom.

The original brief was for a temporary shed-like space to house the water pump and other farm equipment as well as to provide the owners with somewhere sheltered to have a cup of tea when they came to hang out with George (their horse) on the weekends …and although the project eventually developed into something slightly more extravagant, the modesty of the original ambition is still evident in the ‘no-frills’ detailing and rugged materiality of the finished building.

— Branch Studio

Sketches and Drawings:


Photographs by Lakshal Perera
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