St. Georges by Randy Bens Architect

Located in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, St. Georges is a project designed by Randy Bens Architect in 2015.

The building is a very long, carved rectangle that captures a stunning westward view. The house was designed around the idea of a covered, exterior living space, which is open to the view and morning light through a glazed clerestory window band.

On the east side, the floor plate is indented in 3 places which brings the landscape in, and provide relief to the flat facade. The roof is a simple extrusion, made asymmetrical by the vaulted living spaces. The vaulted roofs are represented by an open rafter, and contain the living spaces. The the trussed roofs are represented by a flat soffit, and contain support spaces. The muted exterior materials are concrete, wood and metal.

— Randy Bens Architect



Photographs by Ema Peter
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