A-Frame House VVDB by dmvA

House VVDB is an A-frame house built by architect Jan Van Den Berghe in the ’80s as his own home and refurbished by dmvA in 2009 for his daughter, who owns Awardt, a company designing hats and bags. Located on a plot close to the channel Mechelen-Brussels, Belgium the A-frame house has a total floor area of 250m² (2,691ft²).

Roof-type, symmetrical ground plan, wooden structure, honest materials, the use of cement stone and many-coloured aluminium joinery, were the main characteristics of this period building periode in Flanders.

The post-modern pyramid house was a statement for the seventies/eighties. Architect Van den Berghe requested dmvA to refurbish his own house for his daughter.

No spectacular alterations, but subtle interventions, round perforations through the floors, a new central spiral stair, ‘whitening’ of the floors. Altogether an architectural attitude based on respect!

— dmvA



Photographs by Frederik Vercruysse
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