House on Lac Grenier by Paul Bernier



Montreal-based contemporary architecture firm Paul Bernier has designed House on Lac Grenier. Located on an entirely wooded lakefront site in Estérel, Canada, the house was completed in 2015.

We chose to make a low rise building, mostly one-storey, whose sinuous shape is guided by the nature that surrounds it. The building itself folds, opens and tightens like a river digging its bed.

Upon entering, an imposing piece of furniture made of hickory wood welcomes us. Its shape offers a place to sit and storage for clothing. This then directs us to the living area, a large and bright space that ends in a cantilevered. On the south side, the outer wall disappears and becomes a large glass opening onto the forest. The materials used for the surfaces are clean and simple; white walls and polished concrete floors that contrast with the wilderness outside and let the surrounding nature express itself.

— Paul Bernier

Models and Drawings:


Photographs by Adrien Williams
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