Casa Beretzen by Christoffersen & Weiling Architects

Casa Beretzen is a single-family residence situated on the edge of the Danish city of Aarhus but is faced an open landscape. Designed by Christoffersen & Weiling Architects in 2016, the house measures 360m² (3,875ft²).

The interior of the house is designed based on a desire for clear lines of sight, emphasizing the pure architecture by capturing daylight and views. The materials are predominantly travertine, light oak and white walls and ceilings. The exterior of the house is predominantly comprised of a long slim format brick, which contrasts the soft interior. The robust and distinctive brick exterior of the house contrasts against the rolling Danish landscape. The brickwork is divided into three distinctive brick bands which encompass both, the garage building and accompanying patio, and define the windows as glass voids within the rustic brickwork.

Christoffersen & Weiling Architects

Drawings and Models:


Photographs by Tina Stephansen
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