Ripolles-Manrique House by Teo Hidalgo Nácher

Designed by Teo Hidalgo Nácher in 2009 for two married couples, Ripolles-Manrique House consists of two houses joined together as one. Totalling 440m² (4,736ft²), the houses are built on an isolated estate near the town of Benicassim in Castellón, Spain.

The building’s relationship with its surroundings is based on a series of wishes that the owners (two married couples) and the architect expressed: both houses must have their own sense of privacy whilst still being open to the vast stretches of land and sea surrounding them, they must be well-lit with natural ventilation and plenty of shady outdoors spaces, the natural features of the surrounding environment must not be spoiled (e.g. the sea view from the access road to the north) and they must be constructed economically, using the least number of materials possible.

— Teo Hidalgo Nácher



Photographs by José Hevia
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