Sustainable House Randwick 2 by Day Bukh Architects

Sustainable House Randwick 2 is an existing semi-detached house renovated and expanded by Day Bukh Architects in 2015 for a young professional couple. Located in Randwick, New South Wales, Australia, the project has a total floor area of 150m² (1,615ft²).

The existing semi-detached house was in its original condition with the rear yard closed off to the rest house. The clients required the new living spaces to open out to an adjacent private open space as well as a first floor addition to the rear of the house.

Designed to meet the long term needs of a young professional couple, this alterations and additions project was inspired by the traditional childlike idea of a gable roofed house, and how that translates into purity of form and order of structure within a piece of modern architecture. The landscaping is designed so that the outdoors flows into the internal living spaces, visually and spatially connecting the two.

— Day Bukh Architects



Photographs by Katherine Lu
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